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It is now possible for Brimstone members to sell and advertise not only books but also CDs through us. The procedure is much the same as for a book, except that there is no equivalent of a ISBN number for a CD, no legal deposit requirement and no registration with Nielsen's. Make sure you let us know what description of the CD, and of yourelf, you want us to put on the site.

Members are recommended for their own protection to copyright songs or musical compositions with the relevant authorities: this can be done online (Google “Copyright Songs”).

The Brimstone CD facility does not yet include the possibility for Internet browsers to download excerpts from CDs but we may provide this facility in the future if there is a demand for it.

Our charges to have a CD advertised with us are:

£50 per CD for an existing Brimstone member;
£75 per CD for a new member.


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