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Evolution and Delusional Jealousy

by Syed Shah

Evolution and Delusional JealousyThis book aims to see if jealousy and a pathological variant, delusional jealousy, can be understood from an evolutionary point of view. This is with the aim of trying to explain why we see it today and to understand why it presents in the way that it does.

Jealousy is a very common emotion and has probably been with us since time immemorial. The psychiatric phenomena of delusions is also commonly found and has been linked with jealousy. Here I shall attempt to argue that an evolutionary explanation, based on increasing reproductive fitness, may explain why the entity we call delusional jealousy exists today. In this book I shall attempt to integrate findings from various studies and to make predictions about delusional jealousy, and by implication delusions in general. Evolution offers an opportunity to unify psychiatry in a way not possible before, and could allow the integration of a wide range of disciplines and for Psychiatry to finally find a home.


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