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Books by Sebastian Hayes

Origins    The Reluctant Nuns    The Portrait Gallery    Arthur Symons, Leading Poet of the English Decadence    Via Contemplativa, Via Activa    Rimbaud Revisited & Une Saison en Enfer    The Chosen One    The Foundling & Other Stories

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by Sebastian Hayes

Origins “What are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?” These are the questions that the author has spent most of his life pondering, and these terse poems, some in traditional forms (sonnet, sestina), some in free verse, are a summary of his conclusions… Read more

The Reluctant Nuns

by Sebastian Hayes

The Reluctant Nuns Two beautiful young women from the minor gentry are entered, against their will, as novices in Shaftesbury Abbey before their father goes off to join the Fourth Crusade. Follow the professional jouster, Sir William of Palermo, and his troubadour companion, Sir Roger de Purbeck, as they attempt to extricate Angelina and Laurentia de Melbury from “the squinting walls of a provincial nunnery” and transport them to “a place of surety in sunny Sicily”… Read more

The Portrait Gallery

by Sebastian Hayes

The Portrait Gallery A striking array of male and female personages, some historical, some fictitious, bare their souls in a taut series of dramatic monologues… Read more

Arthur Symons, Leading Poet of the English Decadence

by Sebastian Hayes

Arthur Symons, Leading Poet of the English Decadence During the Eighteen Eighties Arthur Symons, the ‘English Verlaine’, dominated the literary scene but has since then disappeared without a trace. Sebastian Hayes argues that he deserves to be remembered for his musical, precise and deeply felt poems and as a precursor of the Imagist movement.  Read more

Via Contemplativa, Via Activa

by Sebastian Hayes

Via Contemplativa, Via Activa “What is this life if full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.”

Present Western society has become all bustle, noise, travel and competitiveness. Is this a good thing?  Read more

Rimbaud Revisited & Une Saison en Enfer,
A new translation

by Sebastian Hayes

Rimbaud’s Une Saison en EnferThis is a very readable new translation of the famous French writer’s most important work complete with extensive much needed Notes and a long essay on Rimbaud, interpreted in the light of twentieth century social and political movements… Read more

The Chosen One

by Sebastian Hayes

The Chosen OneA group of middle class intellectuals accompanied by a mysterious South American visitor have just ended an informal dinner party and to pass the time start a session of Ouija. The men present sabotage the attempt though one or two garbled messages start coming through. Then everything starts to go wrong… Read more

The Foundling and Other Stories

by Sebastian Hayes

The FoundlingThirteen remarkable tales in which you encounter a girl with gull’s feet, a talking pheasant, a cave of nothing, a universe in creation, a prince imprisoned in a garden of earthly delights… Read more



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