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Books by Pam Kelly

Papering Over the Cracks    Fiesta    On the Edge    Other People    Paziols: Living in the Land of the Cathars    Closer to the Edge

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Papering Over the Cracks

by Pam Kelly

Papering Over the CracksA wry and sometimes painful look at how we complete the jigsaw of our lives and gradually put all the broken pieces back together… Read more



by Pam Kelly

FiestaBy the author of On the Edge. Poems of varied mood and content written in Andalucia in April and May 2007… Read more


On the Edge

by Pam Kelly

On the Edge20 poems about how one woman sees life, love, sex and death in the 21st century, On the Edge takes reverent and irreverent looks at the way postmodern Britain shapes our lives. Personal, tragic, witty and thoughtful, the poems cover… Read more


Other People

by Pam Kelly

Other PeopleOther People” is about innocence and experience and how our lives are shaped and changed by the people that we meet. It starts with the author’s childhood as a war baby and ends with the question we all ask ourselves — what if it had all been different? Read more


Paziols: Living in the Land of the Cathars

by Pam Kelly and Keiron Pearce

Paziols: Living in the Land of the CatharsWe are in Languedoc, land of the Cathars and the troubadours. A place of courtly love, dark deeds and ancient secret mysteries. A place where lived a peaceful and tolerant, simple-living people who were tortured and burnt at the stake for their belief that the material world was an evil sham and that the spiritual world was the true reality… Read more


Closer to the Edge

by Pam Kelly

Closer to the Edge“It is time, I think, to break the silence and take a hard look at what has become the last taboo, i.e. talking about death”… Read more




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