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A Garden Centre Calendar:
Choosing the right plant for your garden at the right time

by Marilyn Norvell

A Garden Centre CalendarThe purpose of this book is to help customers at the garden centre to make informed choices, when face with rows and rows of plants and seasonal delights. Getting started from scratch is buying some plants you like at the right time of the year. Every month at the garden centre will astonish you.

With chapters on how to choose hedges and trees - the important bones of any garden - plus some January and December ideas for gardening on a budget, examples of groiwng vegetables and flowers in small spaces and plant groups to help you get started in a new garden, there is something for everyone.

We gardeners with modest plots can also help butterflies and bees by planting insect-friendly flowers such as borage, poached egg plant, ice plants, lavender, fennel, marigolds, thyme and many more. See more flowery suggestions in the chapter entitled ‘Garden plants to attract wildlife’.

Enchanting visits from butterflies, bees, hoverflies and ladybirds will add delicate beauty to our gardens, while the insects benefit from the food we are providing and, in the case of bees, this will help pollinate some of the most important human food crops in this country.

196 pages, with 60 colour photographs and 12 illustrations.


£7.99 + £2.10 p&p


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