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Books by Keith Walton

In Search of France’s Green Meridian    The Divided Wood    Dionysos' Island    First Cut    Diggers and Dreamers

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In Search of France’s Green Meridian: a serpentine cycle ride from Dunkirk to the Pyrenees

by Keith Walton

In Search of France’s Green MeridianIn 2000, to celebrate the Millennium, the Paris Meridian was designated la Méridienne verte, with thousands of trees to be planted along its length ‘establishing a strong relationship between new generations and the environment’, trailways were opened, and places of floral celebration. It was launched on Bastille Day, 2000, with la fête du Millenaire, a picnic in every commune along the length of the Meridian.

Intrigued to find out how this ‘green spine’, this new knitting-together of France, marked by trees now fifteen years grown, had developed, the author cycled it, from Dunkirk to the Pyrenees… Read more

The Divided Wood

by Keith Walton

The Divided Wood“The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.”
A ruined splendour, a white wasteland … what has happened in the great wood?… Read more


Dionysos' Island

by Keith Walton

Dionysos' IslandIn 1971 two young men, dissatisfied with their lives, head for Greece on the long land and sea journey. Richard, recovering after a traumatic affair with a student revolutionary, is hoping to recuperate in its classical calm and sun-filled clarity, while Simon seeks to empty himself in mountain walking… Read more


Diggers and Dreamers

by Keith Walton

Diggers and DreamersRural Languedoc. The South of France. Summer 1976.

‘There is another world, but it is in this one’— and the characters in this novel, in their different ways, mean to find it… Read more


First Cut

by Keith Walton

The First CutThe 39 poems, a selection from the work of several years, range widely, from the precisely-observed descriptive to the philosophical, from the lyrical to the (subtly) polemical, from moments captured to stories told… Read more



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