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Books by Gavin Bantock

Sir Gawain & the Green Knight and Pearl    Christos: Lovesong of the Son of Man    Bagatelles    White   Sonnets to Ganymede    The Old Woman of the Sea    Third Form at St. Claire’s 

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Sir Gawain & the Green Knight and Pearl

by Gavin Bantock

Sir Gawain & the Green Knight and PearlThe two finest Middle-English poems newly rendered into modern English verse in an entirely original and eminently readable way… Read more

Christos: Lovesong of the Son of Man

by Gavin Bantock

Christos: Lovesong of the Son of Man A strikingly unorthodox poetic account of the life of Jesus the Son of Man, of his soul-searching encounters with two co-protagonists – Johanan and Madelena, and of his harrowing struggle to make coherent, and to find expression for, the inspirational turmoil of his inner mind… Read more



by Gavin Bantock

Bagatelles A light-hearted collection of concrete poems based on music, mathematics & the alphabet. The majority of these were written on a single Christmas Eve during the mid 1970s using a simple typewriter on which all the complex line-spacings had to be calculated manually, the rest some forty years later on an Apple computer… Read more



by Gavin Bantock

White A collection of new poems based on the common theme of white, with occasional couplings to red and black… Read more


Sonnets to Ganymede

by Gavin Bantock

Sonnets to Ganymede A cycle of fourteen poems using the traditional sonnet form and slant rhyme (assonance), in which the author intertwines fiction, reality and intense emotion in an attempt to describe his feelings for the series of ‘Ganymedes‘ encountered or imagined over a period of some sixty years… Read more


The Old Woman of the Sea

by Gavin Bantock

The Old Woman of the Sea Bruce Dinwiddy, twenty-three, an aspiring poet but innocent of the world, has been given permission by his father to stay at the family holiday house at the very edge of the sea. He has invited there his young friend Stephen Pewit, who at nineteen is already a failed child-prodigy, a drop-out and an incorrigible rebel… Read more


Third Form at St. Claire’s

by Gavin Bantock, writing as Enid Bantock

Third Form at St. Claire’s A wacky Enid Blyton Spoof. A girls’ boarding school with a big, big difference. By far the funniest book of the series… Read more



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