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Books by Chris Irven

Joy, Light, Sorrow and Splendour    The Loving Scapegoat

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Joy, Light, Sorrow and Splendour

by Chris Irven

Joy, Light, Sorrow and SplendourThe Benedictine monk introducing this book describes it as ‘the most profound and searching series of meditations on the rosary that I know.’ Lightly combining theological insight with a human touch it engages heart and mind page after page. Far from constraining the reader to follow a rigid form of words it positively encourages the imagination to explore unhurried the events in the life of Jesus, drawing one into the story like a novel. The 200 separate thoughts are gathered into 20 packets called mysteries, each beautifully illustrated in colour, providing a meditation that can last from 15 minutes to an hour depending on mood and time available… Read more


The Loving Scapegoat

by Chris Irven

The Loving ScapegoatIn its use of English and its coloured illustrations this book offers a Stations of the Cross in a direct and down-to-earth style. Following the journey of Jesus from Pilate’s Pavement to the Place of the Skull it explores the thoughts and feelings of the man who was also the Son of God. But we the reader find ourselves in the shoes of those he met on his way – from Pilate who sentenced him, to the escort commander, to Simon the stranger, the compassionate women, the brigand dying beside him, the Centurion – each brought into sharp self-awareness by briefly encountering this extraordinary condemned man. Not a book for those unwilling to be challenged, The Loving Scapegoat snaps sound theology into its rightful place in today’s world.… Read more



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