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Books: Rimbaud Revisited & Une Saison en Enfer,
A new translation

by Sebastian Hayes

Rimbaud’s Une Saison en EnferThis is a very readable new translation of the famous French writer’s most important work complete with extensive much needed Notes and a long essay on Rimbaud, interpreted in the light of twentieth century social and political movements.

Sebastian Hayes, who is bilingual and has lived for much of his life in France, has from the age of fifteen onwards been an admirer of the “first and greatest poet of revolt” as Camus described him. Indeed, the translator, as he narrates in the Preface, found himself following in the footsteps of the prototypical nineteenth-century rebel without exactly meaning to — as did so many others during the hectic Sixties and Seventies. However, on reflection Sebastian Hayes interprets Rimbaud Revisited & Une Saison en Enfer as not so much an inarticulate cry of revolt as a classic statement of loss of faith and desperate hope in the future, the work of a man who was obsessed with the need to find a secret formula to change the world.


£6.50 inc. p&p

ISBN 9781906385156


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