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Books: The Chosen One

by Sebastian Hayes

The Chosen OneA group of middle class intellectuals accompanied by a mysterious South American visitor have just ended an informal dinner party and to pass the time start a session of Ouija. The men present sabotage the attempt though one or two garbled messages start coming through. Then everything starts to go wrong : there is a power failure, the telephone is cut off, the burglar alarm starts ringing, the police make an appearance, Stella, the hostess, becomes hysterical …… When finally a semblance of calm is restored those present find themselves taken back in time to the tragic 17th century revolt against the Spaniards led by the Indian Carmelite nun, Juana Orèz, the ‘Chosen One’ of the title.

Taut drama keeps audience spellbound
—Western Gazette, 7/7/2001

This is a psychological thriller with many unexpected twists and turns. But it is also a drama of ideas where the author explores in depth the theme of the crisis of belief in the (post)modern world, not just the loss of belief in God, but also and above all in mankind. The final note struck is, however, affirmative as the central character, by her inner calm and integrity, commands respect from everyone including her enemies…

The Chosen One takes place in real time and has no special requirements in set and costumes. It offers two very big roles for women who can be anything between 28 and 50. Though it is written for the stage by an experienced actor (who took part in the original production), it can also be read as a book in its own right.


Ten in all which can be easily reduced to eight by doubling up.

Running Time

2 hours excluding Interval.


£5.00 free p&p.

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