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Books: Flute

by Richard Adeney

FluteIn my teens I decided that there were three things that I most wanted from life. They were:

First: That I would become the best flute player in the world
Second: To have a huge amount of sex
Third: To make some sense of the mysterious and confusing world.”

Seventy years later Richard Adeney wrote Flute, an account of his life and achievements. He did rather well on all three counts…

The book charts Richard Adeney’s life from his birth into a family of artists, through his struggle to gain acceptance into the Royal College of Music to his long and distinguished career as principal flute with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. He knew and worked with many other well-known players and conductors, and his book contains vivid and sometimes less than flattering portrayals of some of the “big names” in the classical music world. As an example, concerning the violinist Jascha Heifetz:

“His stinginess and eccentricity were famous. During those sessions I was told that, at his flat in New York, he’d recently had a series of rehearsals with Rubinstein and Feuermann. He suggested that, next day, instead of going out to lunch, they should bring sandwiches, for that would save time. At the lunch break, Heifetz’s butler wheeled in a large trolley on which was a four course meal for him, which he ate in front of the others with their sandwiches without apology.

I was also told that when the then young violinist Kyung Wha Chung visited Los Angeles she arranged to see Heifetz. Arriving at his house rather early, she walked up and down outside and then rang the bell a couple of minutes after the arranged time. Heifetz himself opened the door, said “Too late”, and shut the door in her face.”

“These memoirs of a long orchestral and chamber music career come up fresh as paint…Flute is hugely entertaining, revealing a rebellious, self-centred, restless soul.”
Andrew Green, Classical Music
“This book is about a complex yet entertaining man who finally feels liberated to write what he likes and does so in a manner that is fascinating, delightful, shocking, sometimes disturbing, but always amusing.”
Dr. Robert Bigio, Pan - The Flute Magazine

£12.50 free p&p; add £2.50 outside UK

ISBN: 978-1-906385-20-0

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