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Paziols: Living in the Land of the Cathars

by Pam Kelly and Keiron Pearce

Paziols: Living in the Land of the CatharsWe are in Languedoc, land of the Cathars and the troubadours. A place of courtly love, dark deeds and ancient secret mysteries. A place where lived a peaceful and tolerant, simple-living people who were tortured and burnt at the stake for their belief that the material world was an evil sham and that the spiritual world was the true reality.

Paziols is a tiny village surrounded by vineyards in “Les Corbières Sauvages”. The sun and wind lash the village with equal ferocity, and the deep gorges and craggy mountains with Cathar castles on top suffuse the area with a brooding power and mystery.

This collection, of 16 poems, an essay on the Cathars, and 12 full colour photographs by Keiron Pearce, gives a poetic account of living through the seasons in this Pyrenean village. Both poet and photographer have lived for several years in Paziols.



£8.00 + £0.50 p&p

ISBN: 978-1-906385-22-4

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