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Books: Other People

by Pam Kelly

Other PeopleOther People” is about innocence and experience and how our lives are shaped and changed by the people that we meet. It starts with the author’s childhood as a war baby, looking longingly at the photo of a father she has never seen sitting in uniform on a camel, an animal she has never seen, followed by two poems about her grandparents and the family secret about who her grandfather was…whilst the bulk of the poems are about the (often extraordinary) people who have influenced her. She also takes a wry look at present-day society, the Iraq war, the “war on terror” and the rise of opinionated evangelists, both theist and atheist. The book ends with the question we all ask ourselves — what if it had all been different?



£3.50 + £0.50 p&p

ISBN: 13 978-1-906385-03-3

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