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Books: On the Edge

by Pam Kelly

On the Edge20 poems about how one woman sees life, love, sex and death in the 21st century, On the Edge takes reverent and irreverent looks at the way postmodern Britain shapes our lives. Personal, tragic, witty and thoughtful, the poems cover the big issues of politics, society, capitalism, corruption, global warming, family and sexual relationships in a fragmented world.

On the Edge has a wonderfully swish feel to it. The beautifully stated love aspects,the gentle eroticism, the sheer readability makes for a fine collection. I also appreciated the frankness, the 'how it is' open tone: the poems made for first-rate communication.”

Wes Magee, poet.
Recent publications include:
“Flesh or Money” (Arc) and “The Very Best of Wes Magee” (Macmillan)



“Sex, love, life, death, viewed with honesty and a trace of black humour – for centuries these have been the stuff of poetry, and Pam is in a tradition that goes back to Sappho, Catullus, Villon , Donne through to the much-admired contemporary poet, Carol Ann Duffy. If poetry isn’t about these primal themes, what is it for, you might ask. [The collection is] witty and provocative, delightful and varied. There is wry political and environmental comment in Sins of the Fathers, gentle eavesdropping and gossip in Village Bus, grief in The Funeral Guest and the joy and angst of love in Affair and Again.”

Fanny Charles, editor, reviewing ‘On the Edge’ in the Blackmore Vale Magazine



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