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Breach: the Art of Commons

By Catherine Simmonds, Rachel Sargent, Justin Orwin and Keith Walton

Breach: the Art of CommonsThe Art of Commons is the response of four artists - a poet, a painter, a photographer and a prose writer - to a Dorset Common (Breach Common, Shaftesbury) over a six month period from the shortest day of the year to the longest. The aim of the artists was both to express their individual visions, and to use their different art forms to complement and to challenge each other’s visions.

The result is a book that both evokes a special place, and presents poems, photographs and paintings of the highest quality. The accompanying booklet contains valuable insights into commons in general, and the cultural and historical background to Breach Common.

32 pages + 8 page booklet.
7 poems; 7 paintings in full colour; 22 photographs, 16 in full colour.


Price £6.99 + £1.00 p&p

Catherine Simmonds et al biography



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