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The Foundling and Other Stories

Sebastian Hayes

The Foundling and Other Stories

by Sebastian Hayes

The FoundlingThese stories, though mostly in the style of traditional folk-tales such as Grimm, are entirely original — they are not re-workings of existing tales or legends. Over the years the author has given several successful performances of some of these stories at venues in his local Dorset such as “Willow” near East Stour and the Earth-House, Wimborne.

Since the stories contain no obscenity of gratuitous violence, they can safely be read by and to children. But readers of all ages will find them both captivating and thought-provoking since many of them are in effect parables, presenting complex philosophic ideas in simple form, recalling creation myths and biblical stories.

In them we meet Amouetta, the beautiful young girl born with gull’s feet, Stephen, the good-for-nothing who turns lead into gold, Sophia, the mad goose-girl of Bohemia who climbs the Glass Mountain, Sillarion, the angel who falls from heaven, Shirann, an Eastern prince imprisoned in a garden of earthly delights, and many more extraordinary personages…

Available direct from Amazon as an ebook only.

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