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Author: Syed Shah

Dr Shah is a psychiatrist who has practised in the NHS for fifteen years, working in adult psychiatry, elderly psychiatry, drug addiction, and community psychiatry.

“Another interest of mine is acupuncture and its relation to mental health. To look into this further I have set up a small acupuncture clinic so that various questions can be answered. For a long time I have felt that current psychiatric treatments are limited and there is a need for alternatives. This may include acupuncture, or the well researched field of sleep alterations for depression say, etc. What concerns me are the side effects of medications, the long term harm they cause, e.g. weight gain. Although they have a place, sometimes I feel that have invaded everything to the point where other things are crowded out. Psychotherapy is useful, but, just like psychiatry, it is based on unproven constructs and it seems to me that Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT - the main form of therapy today) has begun to attract a dogma of its own. For further information, please see my website”

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