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Author: Sue Evans

Being born and bred in cities and starting my teaching career in Birmingham, I came to Mere and found it a huge cultural shock to the system. After bemoaning the lack of street lighting, and heavens above! cows in fields, I soon realised that my social life was far richer in this small Wiltshire town. There were so many options to join societies and friends that I realised that this was where I wanted to stay in this area. That is what I have done for the past forty one years, and not regretted this decision once. My career in education spread from the locality and outwards as I became and educational consultant covering Wiltshire, Dorset, a small part of Hampshire and Devon.

Having reduced my education career commitment to part time in 2004, I offered my services to the Mere & District Linksheme as a driver. Little did I realise that I would benefit from the voluntary driving more than the clients. Driving all over the place and listening to such wonderful people and their lives, I realised that the saying ‘Everyone has a book in them’ is so true. As time went on I became more and more involved in the Mere Literary Festival, helping to organise the children’s events and projects. This has also been a joy.

I feel that if we don’t remember and record our history then we cannot expect to remember how to live and grow in the future.

It seemed natural to suggest that MLF should be celebrated in its twentieth anniversary year with a book charting the many successes of those years, illustrating how it has grown. Writing a book is a harder task than I expected and without Adrienne’s expertise and advice I would not have achieved it. Once more Mere has proved to be life changing for me.

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