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Author: Marilyn Norvell

Marilyn Norvell has been immersed in horticulture all her life. Her mother's family grew and sold asparagus and strawberries at Covent Garden in the 19th century, bringing over the first oranges from Spain.

From horticultural training at Plumpton College in East Sussex she developed a varied career which included potting up thousands of cuttings at Allwoods Carnations, tending African violets at the renowned Rochfords Nurseries, tending chrysanthemums in the Jacobean gardens of the Queen Mother's cousin to monitoring tomato experiments in the Lee Valley Experimental Horticulture Station. During this time, friendship with Geoff Hamilton cemented her love of all things horticultural.

Marriage to her Wisley-trained husband took them to America (planting roses at the White House and landscaping a new city) to stately homes, from gardening in Scotland and the Norfolk coast to attempting (unsuccessfully) to turn the Atomic Energy site at Harwell into a Site of Special Scientific Interest, due to bee orchids by the bus park.

Working in garden centres as a plant advisor consolidated her horticultural challenges, and a book emerged from customers' questions such as 'Where is the toilet?' and 'Can you design my quarter acre plot - in five minutes?'

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