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Author: John E Garrod

John Garrod was born in London in 1931 and was educated at Highgate School and Merton College, Oxford where he read Greats. He spent a year as "Assistant d'anglais" at the Ecole normale of La-Roche-sur-Yon and, when he returned to England, trained as a librarian at Lambeth Public Library. He then worked for the British Council as Deputy Director, Reviews Department and after that became SHAPE Librarian where he worked until retiring to Monaco in 1992.

In Monaco he catalogued books for the Princess Grace Irish Library and worked for the Friends of the Villa Kerylos. Like Martin du Gard, he was a pacifist and, disapproving of government policies which involved too many wars, he moved to Monaco, partly for the international atmosphere and partly so that he could spend the equivalent of his income tax on projects of which he did approve such as the training of young people (Jeune J'ecoute, Les Orphelins et apprentis d'Auteuil) the preservation of the countryside and interesting buildings (The National Trust and the Landmark Trust) and cancer research (GEMLUC).

John Garrod died in 2010. His wife Susan Garrod promised him that she would prepare his manuscript for publication. This she has done, with the help of Martin du Gard specialist, Charlotte Andrieux.

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